Thursday, 17 January 2019

CEE App code Stamp - Ireland

On an Easter Monday, April 24, 1916, a group of Irish nationalists proclaimed Ireland's Independence from the United Kingdom. The Irish Volunteers and Irish Citizen Army  made a Proclamation and it was read out by Patrick Pearse outside the General Post Office on Sackville Street.  

Though the Rising failed in military terms, the principles of the Proclamation to varying degrees influenced the thinking of later generations of Irish politicians.

Since the rising happened on an Easter day, it is called Easter Rising.

To commemorate 100th year of this event on January, 2016 An Post (Ireland Post) introduced 16  stamps under the 8th Definitive stamps series.  The stamps have been grouped as Leaders and Icons, Participants, Easter week and the Aftermath. 

These stamps features Augmented Reality, and when scanned by a smartphone with the CEE APP, will play the below video.

Disclaimer:  I have compiled whatever I have read and understood through the Internet.  If anything wrong please email me, I will make the changes.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Paquebot Cover : Malta

Paquebot, the word in French translates literally to “Ship, Cruise, Liner" . Letters posted at sea carries this "Paquebot" cancellations.

My cover was posted on board the Virtu Ferries catamaran MV Jean De La Valette.  The vessel operates daily Malta-Sicily voyages, and it has been in operation since 2010. It is named after Jean de Valette, the Grand Master of the Order of St. John who is known for his role during the Great Siege of 1565 and for founding Malta's capital city Valletta in 1566. The catamaran is among the fastest vessels in the world.

On 7 November 2011, MaltaPost installed a letterbox on board the vessel, and mail posted on board should have additional "PAQUEBOT" and/or "MAILED ON BOARD M/V JEAN DE LA VALETTE" markings, which are applied at the Central Mail Room in Marsa once mail from the vessel is being sorted.

Some interesting things about usage of stamps in Paquebot covers,

The Universal Postal Union (UPU) created procedures for a variety of international postal regulations. Accordingly, mail posted aboard a ship in international waters was entitled to be franked with stamps of, and in accordance with the postal rates of the country of the ship’s registry. However, if the ship is in territorial waters (the part of the sea within a stated distance of the shore of a state), the UPU rules change, as follows: “Items posted on-board a ship during the stay at the two terminal points of the voyage or at any intermediate port of call must be prepaid by means of postage stamps and according to the tariff of the country in whose waters the ship is lying.” 

An interesting cover to my collection and my First one from Malta.  Now I have to look for a picture post card from Malta to complete my Malta collection.

Friday, 11 January 2019

My Odd and Unusual Stamps/MS collection

Welcome to my world of Odd and Unusual stamps Collection. 

My Odd and Unusual stamps includes Embossed, Foil, 3D, Glow in the dark, Odd shape stamp/MS, Materials (cloth, wood, plastic, glass etc), Textured, Scented, Hologram etc

Now I have Odd and Unusual stamps/MSs from 68 countries.  Please help me to reach 100.

Please click on the country to see the collection.
















Faroe Islands






Guinea Ecuatorial

Hong Kong 













Macau (China)






New Zealand





Sierra Leone




Solomon Islands

South Africa

Sri Lanka








UN - Vienna

United Kingdom

United States

Upper Volta




Odd World - Fujeira

My Fujeira collection of Odd and Unusual stamps/MSs

Big Size
1972, March 31st - Lunar Exploration Airmail Stamp

Thursday, 3 January 2019

First Flight Cover - Coimbatore New Delhi, Air India

Air India, India's National carrier recently introduced a non stop flight from Coimbatore, the "Manchester of South India" to National capital New Delhi on 1st December of 2018.  To commemorate this, Coimbatore postal circle issued a First flight Cover.

Marudamalai Murugal temple - Coimbatore and India Gate - Delhi, two prominent attractions of the two cities are  depicted on the cover. 

My very first FFC issued by India Post.  Nice addition to my "Evolution of flight" theme.

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Role of Philatelist in our Environment!!!

Philately, the king of hobbies, involves paper, paper and more paper.  We cut one tree for every 10000 to 15000 sheets of paper and more than 2.5 million trees are cut down every day to make paper.  35% of the total trees cut around the world are used in paper industries.  Paper is used on a very large scale and we need more for the future generations also.

So how can we, as philatelists help to save trees?

We can use recycled/up-cycled papers to send letters and stamps can be printed with recycled papers like the below one.

2017, Environment Day stamp made of recycled paper from Turkey

With the onset of a new year, the calendars adorning our walls are replaced with  new ones. Instead of throwing the old calendars, we can make up-cycled covers with them.  Below are some covers I got from my friends. We can take out the stamps the same way how we remove them from the  virgin covers or we can keep these covers as such in the exhibits to add more colour to it.  Lets turn our hobby environment friendly.

I have posted "How to make an envelope" at,

If any body interested in exchanging up-cycled envelopes please contact me at,

How to make an envelope - Easy way

Here I am sharing with you all how to make an envelope in an easy way.  After all Philately is our hobby, We can't spend too much of time for preparing an envelope.  Here are the steps.

STEP 1: Keep the square paper in a diamond shape.

STEP 2: Fold the paper such that the bottom corner aligns with the top corner.

STEP 3: Unfold it and then fold it sideways such that the left corner aligns with the right corner.

STEP 4: Now, fold the bottom corner till the centre of the paper.

                                                              STEP 5: Fold the centre crease.

STEP 6: Fold the right side towards the centre (slightly more than the centre )crease.Now glue this.

STEP 7: Similarly fold the left side towards right side. It should overlap the right side fold.

STEP 8: Now told the right side fold's corner exactly at the centre crease.

STEP 9: Insert your finger on the last fold and make it into a flat diamond. Glue it, leaving the opening alone.

STEP 10: Now fold the upper side and grab it until it is (a little more than) half inside the diamond.  Now your envelope is ready.

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