Tuesday, 12 May 2020

12th May: Birth Anniversary of Dorothy Hodgkin

12th May : Birth anniversary of Dorothy Hodgkin

Dorothy Mary Hodgkin (12th May 1910 - 29th July 1994) aka Crowfoot  was a British Biochemist who was known for her knowledge on Protein and X-Ray Crystallography which are methods used to determine three dimensional figures of Bio-molecules. Some of her most influential discoveries are the confirmation of the structure of Penicillin and structure of vitamin B12. She was the third woman who won the Nobel prize in Chemistry.  12th May 2020 is her 110th Birth Anniversary.

                                            Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin was honored on this postage stamp issued in the United Kingdom.
The above stamp was issued in 1996 by Royal post
The below First Day Cover and stamp were issued in 2014 to commemorate the International Year of Crystallography.

People at Work: Nurses

Nurses are professionals who care for the general well-being of patients.  

The ongoing pandemic has made us realize that nursing is one of the biggest health care profession in the world.

The practice of Modern Nursing was founded by Florence Nightingale. She was a social reformer and statistician.She is better known as "The Lady with the Lamp". She born on 12th May 1820 and his birth day is remembered as International Nurses Day.

Though Dorothy Sutherland, an official in the US Department of Health, had proposed Nurses Day in 1953, the first Nurses Day was celebrated only in 1965.  And in 1974, May 12th was chosen as International Nurses Day.
This year (2020) is especially important as nursing professionals continue to lead from the front against the war on Covid-19 pandemic. 

The above stamp was issued by Indonesia  in the year 1994 to commemorate the Sixth Five year plan for Indonesia's Development strategy. The stamp depicts a nurse weighing a baby using a hand-held machine. 

The above stamp was issued by India in 2009 and shows the "Lifeline Express" (Jeevan Rekha). It shows the mobile hospital train that started operating in 1991. Since the Indian Railway network is the largest in the world, this allows Jeevan Rekha to reach the most remote areas of India and provide medical care.

Trained Nurses Association of India was founded in 1905. A stamp commemorating it was issued by India in 2011. 

A stamp issued by Spain of unknown vintage shows a nurse tending to a baby. This stamp was for commemorating the National Anti-tuberculosis Campaign. The red emblem is the 'Cross of Lorraine'.

A stamp issued by Laos in 1982 for child healthcare, shows a nurse using a stethoscope to check on a child. The occasion was the 7th republic day of Laos.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

180th Anniversary of Penny black

On 6th May, 1840, The world's first adhesive postage stamp "Penny Black" was born officially. Even though The British Postal System introduced it on 1st of May, the official usage of Penny Black started only from May 6th.
Earlier the postage had to be borne by the recipients.  In 1937, to reform the British Postal system Rowland Hill suggested the use of pre-payment of postage and it was accepted and the Penny Black with the profile of Queen Victoria born after 3 years. There were around 68 million Penny Blacks printed on 2,86,700 sheets. The only known complete sheets of the Penny Black are owned by the British Postal Museum.

To prevent the reuse of the same stamps they introduced a red colour franking. It rubbed off easily and failed in its purpose. This led to the introduction of black colour franking and the colour of the stamp was changed to Red in 1841.
Below Souvenir sheet was issued on April 30, 2015 by Pos Malaysia (Malaysian Post) to commemorate 175th Anniversary of The Penny Black .  The Souvenir sheet depicts the portrait of Sir Rowland Hill, who is instrumental in bringing out the fist pre-paid postage stamp and the Penny Black and Two Pence Blue stamp.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

380th Anniversary of completion of Fort St. George(stage I)

The following  special cover was issued five years ago, on the occasion of completion of 375 years of Fort St. George on 23rd April, 2015 at a function held at St. George Fort.   The special postal cover was conceived and designed by MR. D.H. Rao, one of the founding members of the  Madras Heritage Lovers' Forum.

The small picture on the front cover (above) is  the view of the Fort's Stage 1 building.

Below is the brief description of the Fort printed at the back side of the Special Cover.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

22nd April 2020 - Earth Day 2020

At a time like this, when all of us are at our homes, refraining from going out for our safety and everyone else's safety, we have heard alot about how our Earth is healing and mother nature is blossoming. In order to honour and spread awareness to protect our dear Mother Earth, lot of measures have been taken till date. One amongst them all is the celebration of Earth Day. Tomorrow, the 22nd of April 2020, marks the 50th Earth Day.

 So, let us all stay safe at home and celebrate the 50th Earth Day!!!

                     The above USA stamp was issued in the year 1993!

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Aryabhata satellite : A precursor to Mangalyaan

Aryabhata was the first Indian Space Satellite, designed by ISRO and launched from USSR through Cosmos 3 vehicle.  This satellite was named after the famous Indian Mathematician and Astronomer of  5th Century. Even though it was not very successful it paved the way for the today's success of Mangalyaan. Like many other satellites, Aryabhata satellite has a compact design. 

The below stamp was issued on 19th April 1975 by India post to commemorate the successful launching of the satellite.

Philately in a flow chart

Philately in a Flow Chart

I tried to not miss anything in the flowchart. It took a long time to make and the grid I used was also small so I tried my best not to make it look jam packed :)! Here, I present a flowchart on Philately that may be helpful for your use!

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