Saturday, 27 February 2016

Odd World - Philippines

My Philippines collection of Odd/Unique stamps

Gold Foil



Odd shape


Friday, 19 February 2016

Want List - Indonesia

I am looking for the below Miniature sheets and stamps of Indonesia.  If you can help me Please contact me

[The 100th Anniversary of the Archeological Institute, type ]

[Flora & Fauna, type ]

[Indonesia-Malaysia Joint Friendship Issue, type ]

[Outer Space, type DER]   [Outer Space, type DES]

[The 150th Anniversary of the First Stamp in Indonesia (Netherlands Indies), type DMF][The 150th Anniversary of the First Stamp in Indonesia (Netherlands Indies), type DMG][The 150th Anniversary of the First Stamp in Indonesia (Netherlands Indies), type DMH]

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cover from Bermuda

When I came to know that I going to get a card from Bermuda I was excited and I was eagerly waiting for it.  I got it today, Thanks to Carol Griffith who sent a cover with a few surprises. In addition to the envelope she also sent me some used stamps and couple of Bermuda coins. 

Thanks a lot Carol for enriching both my Philatelic and Numismatic collection.  

Friday, 5 February 2016

Swap materials - from Russia!!

Today I received some beautiful covers,cards, MS and also stamps from Olga

Olga is an avid collector of Elephants on stamps, cards and covers. In return she has sent me a few FDC's and MS enhancing my Flights of Fancy and unique shaped MS theme. Above all, this was one of the Best Packaging in a Swap I have ever seen :) Thanks a ton, Olga.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Serbia - Post Card

I have received my very first card from Serbia on one of my theme "People at Work".  Thanks Milan for sending this First petrol bunk of Belgrade (1934) card and nice Christmas stamp and "200th Anniversary of Serbian Army" stamp along with definitives.  Take a look at the cover/envelope.

50th and 100th Anniversary of Airmail

George and Christine Powell surprised me with a 100th Anniversary of the first Airmail Postcard MS from South Africa and 50th Anniversary of First Official Air Mail Australia - UK FDC.

While the the South African MS is a nice addition to both my themes "Flights of Fancy" and "Odd and Unique stamps", the Australian FDC very well fit into my "Flights of Fancy".  Thanks a lot
George and Christine Powell.

Air show, Year of Snake : Canada

I got my first Year of Monkey stamps on the Envelope from Mr. Mark of Canada. 

He also generously sent me couple of MS and Silver Dart stamp on my theme. Thanks Mark for the nice swap. Especially interesting is the Year of the Snake stamp that has embossed texture for the scales. Two types were issued: the Green international version and the Red domestic version (both seen here)

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Odd World - Malaysia

My Malaysian collection of Odd/Unique stamps

Scented and Heart shape

Flock texture

Glow in the dark


Odd shape and silver foil
Hologram and Circle stamp


Odd shaped stamps

Odd Shape

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