Sunday, 14 December 2014

SIPA Monthly Meeting Update: Dec 14th

I could not attend today's SIPA meeting, instead my father took some notes.

In today's meeting Mr. Venkatasubbhu Ramakrishnan shared details about the Excel catalogue.

Mr. Nelson spoke about stamps from "Anguilla"- A British overseas territory in the Caribbean. It is named after the eel fish. He also spoke about his trip to Kovaipex at Coimbatore. 

Mr. Bhaskar provided updates on Malaysia exhibition. It seems Malaysia used Indian stamps before they began issuing their own. There were some special folders issued on the occasion. He also pointed out that Karnapex is being conducted in January 2015. Retired Cmdr Sriramarao will be showcasing 20 frames from his collection at The Music Academy, from December 16 to 20. 

Mr.Hemachandra Rao showcased a few Hungarian stamps printed using UV spotting( As opposed to embossing). 

New Attendees:
- Mr. Prashanth originally from Bangalore and a stamp collector since childhood. He highlighted the Post Crossing web forum.
- Two youngsters who have taken interest in stamps attended along with their Dad.

A Big Thanks goes to Mr. Anil Reddy who gave me a Miniature sheet which was released by Post Malaysia in order to commemorate the Kuala Lumpur World Youth Stamp Exhibition. The Miniature depicts 2 flowers-  Hibiscus and Rafflesia.  Below is the miniature sheet. 

              The above Miniature sheet was released on December 3rd 2014. 

Sunday, 7 December 2014

World's first Queen Elizabeth black and white hologram stamp

Island of Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is predominantly loyal to the British monarchy.  Even though Jersey has its own currency British pounds are also very much in circulation.  Jersey has its own  financial, legal and judicial systems but United Kingdom is responsible for the defense of Jersey.  

On 1st June, 2012 Jersey post issued the very first official Achromatic Holographic portrait of  Her Majesty, The Queen as part of Diamond jubilee celebrations.  Achromatic means free of colour, which means black and white only.

In this portrait she is wearing a black colour dress with white pearl necklace. The diadem she is wearing in this portrait has 1333 diamonds and 169 pearls. This diadem is the one she is wearing in almost all the British stamps and she worn this for her coronation procession.  The same portrait is appearing on the 100 pound Jersey notes.

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