Friday, 27 January 2017

Winner - Best Youth Exhibit @ TANAPEX-2017

I am proud to say that I have won the Silver medal (the highest eligible in Youth class) and my exhibit was adjudged as the Best Exhibit in Youth category @ TANAPEX-2017. I had some key changes to my exhibit based on feedback from the SIPA Diamond Jubilee exhibition. These included, removing FDCs, improving the narrative, removing stamps that seemed like they were padding etc.

This time also, I got some valuable feedback from the senior members. You can find the entire list of winners here . 

I was asked to deliver a brief acceptance speech at the event. 

A view of the exhibition floor

Evolution of Flight - First Prize Winner!!!

I am happy to announce that I won the First Prize in the Junior Category  (under 18) for my thematic exhibit - "Evolution of Flight" during the recently concluded SIPA Diamond Jubilee National Level Exhibition.

Thanks to timely advice and help from my friends in various philatelic forums, I was able to refine my presentation skills.

If you are interested, I have attached a scanned copy of the exhibit here. Feel free to share any feedback in the comments.

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