Friday, 30 June 2017

World's first Porcelain stamp : Austria

Austria Post has issued World's First Porcelain stamp on 20th March 2014. The Viennese rose stamps were designed by the Vienna Porcelain Manufacturer Augarten (Wiener Porzellanmanufaktur Augarten), Europe's second porcelain manufacturer and they are claiming that it is unbreakable.  

I am very thankful to Sudhan for this Odd and unique stamp.  Nice addition to my Odd and Unusual stamps collection. 

Thursday, 29 June 2017

World's first self adhesive glass stamp : Austria

Another special stamp by the Vienna Porcelain Manufacturer Augarten, World's first self adhesive Glass stamp.  Earlier Augarten designed and manufactured the world's first porcelain stamp.  The glass stamp was issued by Austria post on 10th June 2016.  This stamp portrays Virgin Mary weeping over the dead body of her crucified son, Jesus by using reverse painting technique.

Thanks a lot Jo for constantly enhancing my Austria Odd and Unusual stamps collection.

Below is the stamp inside the special pack.

Reverse side of the pack

World’s first embroidered silhouette stamp : Austria

The world's first embroidered silhouette stamp was issued by Austria Post on 22nd September 2016.

The above stamp depicts the dirndl gown.  It is a traditional outfit of women and girls for some part of Austria and Germany.  It also features traditional colours and patters specific to the region.    Each stamp is made from approximately 130 feet of thread in 3 colours: Red, Green and White.

The stamp is unique because it captures the shape of the dress itself.

Hammerle & Vogel, a family-fun company that specializes in high quality embroidery, has designed and manufactured the Dirndl stamp.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

8th June, World Ocean Day (WOD)

World Ocean Day(WOD) is celebrated on 8th June every year.  Ocean gives us everything .The oxygen we breath is mainly from oceans.We are not only getting food, pets,medicine,corals from oceans but also we are using ocean lanes for trading too.  But because of the global warming, over exploitation, over consumption of sea foods, oil spilling  we are loosing many marine creatures.   To remind humans that Oceans are the lungs of our body and create awareness and how to protect it from vulnerability, WOD is celebrated all around the world.

On 8th June, 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de JaneiroCanada proposed World Ocean Day.  But it was only on 5th December 2008, UN passed a resolution to observe 8th June as World Ocean Day.  Since then it gained its popularity and has been celebrated all over the world. 

The theme for this year's (2017) WOD is "Our Oceans, Our Future".

The stamps shown was issued by India in the year 2009 as part of a joint issue(India Philippines joint issue). 

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