Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Want List: Australia

 I am looking for the below Miniature sheets.  If you have any of these and would like to swap, Please contact me through my email.  Thanks.

100th Anniversary of first commonweath bank note

[The 100th Anniversary of the First Commonwealth Banknote, type ]

2013 Holy dollar and dump
[Holey Dollar and Dump, type ]

2016 50th Anniversary of Decimal currency
[The 50th Anniversary of Decimal Currency, type EGI]

2016 Endangered wild life
[Endangered Wildlife, type ]

+ Any other Fauna Miniature sheets and Evolution of Flights related stamps are also welcome.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Bamboo chips on stamp: Taiwan

Another wonder from Cartor Security Printing.  On 13th January 2016, Taiwan issued a fan shaped Miniature sheet on the theme Calligraphy and Paintings. 

Hand-held fans are still quite popular in the Far-East. These hand held fans are of two types, foldable and unfoldable.  Unfoldable fans are usually made with Palm tree leaves and foldable are made with bamboo strips.These fans are decorated with paintings and poems and indicative of culture and artistic style.

Below Taiwan Miniature sheet depicts a 7 character regulated verse written by Wen Zhengming in running cursive script.  To attract and highlight their culture to the modern generation, these scripts are printed on bamboo strips and the stamp is in the form of a fan.  

The 7 character regulated verse reminds me of our Thirukurral written by tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.  All 1330 couplets (Kurals) have 7 words, 4 in the first line and 3 in the second line. 

Thanks, Yvette Lin for sending this unique awesome miniature sheet for our swap.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Russia - Numismatics on Stamps

Recently, I received a beautiful embossed Miniature sheet from Olga in Russia which combines two of my hobbies; Numismatics and Philately ( Odd and Unusual stamps ).

On January 12th 2016, our friendship started with the introduction of our interests.  Nearly a year has gone, we never discussed or negotiated anything. as we know each others interest and tastes very well.  All our correspondence has always been brief - "I got yours, mine is on the way". 

I am very happy with my hobby, otherwise I won't  have met friends like Olga.

Below you can find two FDCs depicting the history of bicycles and a MS showing a few coins.

Issued to commemorate 150th Anniversary of the Bank of Russia, 2010
It is embossed, the scanner couldn't do the justification to show the embossed effect
 History of Bicycles, Issued in 2008

UN Fauna stamps

Not only is my friend Sarah passionate about Philately, she is helping others to build their collection.  Recently she sent me a nice set of UN fauna stamps for my environment projects and for my sister's Fauna collection.

Thanks Sarah, for the awesome stamps and for the great care you have taken to deliver the stamps in pristine condition.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.

These stamps are issued by UN to create awareness about Endangered species. It is very sad that we are not protecting the gifts of Mother Nature.

In addition to the above Fauna stamps, she surprised me with the below card

Philippines - some Unusual stamps

Recently I have received 3 beautiful MS from Heimer of Philippines for our swap.  They are nice addition to my Odd and Unique stamp collection.  Thanks a lot Heimer.

Year of Goat MS issued in 2015

Currency Note on stamp to commemorate 100th anniversary of Philippine National Bank, issued in 12th June 2016

Traditional Philippines textiles stamp issued to commemorate Heritage Month, May 2014

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Olympic postmark - Singapore

Joseph schooling made Singaporeans proud by bagging the first ever Olympic Gold medal in the 100m men's butterfly stroke at the recently held Rio Olympics 2016.
He also made an Olympic record by finishing it in 50.39 seconds.  To honour this hero SingPost (Singapore post) introduced two commemorative Postmark designs.
I am lucky enough to get one design featuring a gold medal with the title "Singapore's 1st Olympic Gold", today.  Thanks Joel for sending this beautiful cover with the postmark.

The other post mark features the record time inside the timer.

Hope I will be lucky to get this one too.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Odd World - Belarus

My Belarusian collection of Odd/Unique stamps

                                                              Belarus Oval shaped space stamps

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Cold Foil Stamp - Spain

To commemorate 35th Anniversary of the Constitutional court, Spain Post has issued a single stamp Miniature sheet on 23rd July 2015.  The uniqueness of this Miniature sheet is the cold foil printing technique. I have many hot foil stamps, but this is first one for cold foil.  (It seems recently Liechtenstein issued three cold foil stamps under 'Princely treasure' theme - I don't have them yet).

Brief look at Cold foil and Hot foil techniques:

In cold foil technique, gum is applied to the area where foil has to be placed and then the foil is pressed with the help of UV light.  Then colour is applied on the paper and foil through ordinary printing. Since the technique is very simple, the cost is less. Cold foil technique is preferred when large area needs foiling or when precision is needed. 

Whereas in Hot foil technique the design block (mould-like) has to be made and the foil is pressed on the paper with the help of this block. The colour is restricted to the colour of the foils available. Embossing can be done along with foil pressing.  It is not recommended for tiny area.  The block making and special printing make this technique costly.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Rio Olympics Miniature sheet : India

This year the world's largest sport event, The Olympic games, is happening in Rio de Janeiro.

The unique aspect of the event is that it is "Going go Green".   As an environment enthusiast I like this unique idea.  The 207 contingents were presented with saplings and a cartridge of soil.  These saplings will be planted to make an athlete forest.
Another innovative idea of this year Olympics is the introduction of refugee team.
India Post issued a set of 4 stamps to commemorate the Rio Olympics.

Did you know that Rio "was" the capital city of Brazil? Brazilia is the current capital.

Badminton, Shooting, Wrestling and Boxing are the events where India has strong contenders for medals.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Permanent Pictorial Cancellation: Chennai Philately Bureau

The second movie theatre and the first electric theatre in Chennai (erstwhile Madras) was established in 1900 by Warwick Major and Reginald Eyre.  It started its operation by 1913.  Sadly it served as a theatre for a brief period of 2 years.  In 1915, the government acquired this place and the Head Post Office started working from this building. Even today it is standing tall and serving as a Philatelic Bureau since 1998.  India Post has introduced Permanent Pictorial Cancellation on 31st March 1998 depicting the front view of the historic building.  Historic building and age old hobby, nice combination.

Want list: Lithuania

Lithuanian Stamps and Miniature sheets - Want list.

[Lithuanian Satellites, type AFN]

[The Lithuanian Aviation Museum, type RO]   [The Lithuanian Aviation Museum, type RP]  

Miniature sheet of the below stamp:

[World Exhibition - Expo Zaragoza 2008, type WY]

[The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Antanas Gustaitis, type KX]   [The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Antanas Gustaitis, type KY]  

[Postal History, type ]

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Great Canadian Goalies Playing Card like Stamps: Canada

Canada Post had issued 6 stamps on Canadian Ice Hockey Goalies who had made a huge difference to the game.  This Playing card size sturdy stamps is a perfect way to honor the legendary goal keepers of Ice hockey. Each card stamp carries the picture of a Goalie in action and the top right corner of the stamps bear the logo of the main club the goalies are playing for.

The stamps show the following legendary goalies:

Gump Worsely ( represented  Montreal Canadians )

Martin Brodeur ( represented New Jersey Devils ) 

Ken Dryden  ( represented  Montreal Canadians )

Statistics and Highlights of the players are printed on the reverse side of the sheet (backing paper). I was keen on keeping the stamps with these stats. Mark from Canada kindly agreed to my request and sent this Goalies set for my Odd and Unique stamps collection.  Thanks Mark.

Sometime in 2014, Canada Post had honored defense personnel through stamps.  I am looking for them to add to this collection.  If anybody has the excess set and I am willing to swap with Indian Stamps. Please contact me.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Apple Shaped stamp: Armenia

The World Stamp Show was held in New York from May 28th to June 4th, 2016. There were around 50 countries and more than 100 philatelic association participated in this event.  To commemorate this event many countries issued stamps, Special covers and Souvenirs.  Armenia's HAYPOST participated in this event and issued two souvenir  sheets, one for the New York stamp show and the other one for the Rio Olympics.  New York is fondly called as the Big Apple. HAYPOST aptly issued an apple shaped stamp.  Recently I got this nice looking Miniature sheet from Danny Meng from America.  Thanks Danny for the Souvenir sheet, nice addition to my Odd and Unusual stamp collection.

Reverse of the Souvenir sheet,

Friday, 15 July 2016

Want List - Brazil

I am collecting Philatelic materials on Flights of Fancy, Unique stamps/MS.  The following are my want list of Brazilian stamps/MS. If you have these for exchange Please contact me at priyakothai@yahoo.com .  

2010 The 100th Anniversary of Coorinthinans sports club
Image result for 2010 for the 100th anniversary of the Corinthians Paulista Sports Club postage stamp brazil

2010 Diplomatic relationship Brazil Malawi
[Fish - Diplomatic Relations - Brazil-Malawi, type ]

2015 - Brazilian Bees - Fragrance
     [Brazilian Meliponinae Bees, type ]

2013 Christmas - Heart Shape
[Christmas, type ]

2013 Christmas
[Christmas, type EQW]

2012 Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind - Braille 
[Dorina Nowill Foundation for the Blind, type ]

2012 Rio+20 - Varnish Coated, Recycled paper
[Rio +20 - United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development - Self Adhesive Stamps, type ]

2012 Christmas - QR code
[Christmas, type ]

2011- Mail Boxed - Photo Chromic
[America UPAEP - Mail Boxes, type EKJ][America UPAEP - Mail Boxes, type EKK][America UPAEP - Mail Boxes, type EKL][America UPAEP - Mail Boxes, type EKM]

2011 Brazilian Tree
[Brazilian Trees, type ]

2010 Foot Ball World Cup - SA - Circular
[Football World Cup - South Africa, type EGS]

2009 - Year of ox - Foil
[Chinese Lunar Calendar - Year of the Ox, type EDQ]

2009 Popular Games Embossed
[America UPAEP -  Popular Games, type EEV][America UPAEP -  Popular Games, type EEW][America UPAEP -  Popular Games, type EEX][America UPAEP -  Popular Games, type EEY]

2009 - Year of France in Brazil - Embossed
[Diplomatic Relations - Year of France in Brazil, type EFI][Diplomatic Relations - Year of France in Brazil, type EFJ]

2009 Exuberant Birds - UV, Varnish, QR code
[Exuberant Brazilian Birds, type ]

2009 Brazil Russia Spacial cooperation
[Diplomatic Relations - Brazil-Russia Spatial cooperation, type EEC]

1999 National prevention of Forest fires

2010 Bats of Brazil

2008 The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Joao Guimaraes Rosa
[The 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Joao Guimaraes Rosa, type ECZ]

2008 Olympic Games Beijing China

[Olympic Games - Beijing, China, type EDB] [Olympic Games - Beijing, China, type EDC] [Olympic Games - Beijing, China, type EDD] [Olympic Games - Beijing, China, type EDE]

2007 Sea Shells
[Sea Shells, type ]

2006 National Parks and Reserves
[National Park and Reserves, type DZI] [National Park and Reserves, type DZJ] [National Park and Reserves, type DZK]
[National Park and Reserves, type DZL]

2006 Sharks from Brazilian coast
[Sharks from Brazilian Coast, type ]

1974 - 5th Anniversary of the General Assembly of World Council for Welfare of the Blind - Braille

[The 5th Anniversary of the General Assembly of World Council for Welfare of the Blind, type ]

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