Friday, 18 November 2016

Bamboo chips on stamp: Taiwan

Another wonder from Cartor Security Printing.  On 13th January 2016, Taiwan issued a fan shaped Miniature sheet on the theme Calligraphy and Paintings. 

Hand-held fans are still quite popular in the Far-East. These hand held fans are of two types, foldable and unfoldable.  Unfoldable fans are usually made with Palm tree leaves and foldable are made with bamboo strips.These fans are decorated with paintings and poems and indicative of culture and artistic style.

Below Taiwan Miniature sheet depicts a 7 character regulated verse written by Wen Zhengming in running cursive script.  To attract and highlight their culture to the modern generation, these scripts are printed on bamboo strips and the stamp is in the form of a fan.  

The 7 character regulated verse reminds me of our Thirukurral written by tamil poet Thiruvalluvar.  All 1330 couplets (Kurals) have 7 words, 4 in the first line and 3 in the second line. 

Thanks, Yvette Lin for sending this unique awesome miniature sheet for our swap.

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