Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Mudumalai : Permanent Pictorial cancellation

I recently visited the Mudumalai Tiger reserve, a beautiful place to roam around especially for nature lovers like me.  But unfortunately we could spot nothing more than a few spotted deers, bisons, mongoose and a handful of langurs, peacocks and peahens.  Though being the home of a variety of animals especially tigers ( Mudumalai Tiger Reserve) because of we humans they have been much disturbed. For example, the honking of cars, pollution and people's attitude towards these poor creatures have made these creatures insecure depriving them the comfort of their habitat. I have always wanted to become an environmental engineer to make a little difference in these matters. I also encourage each one of you to help towards preserving nature.

Now coming to the philatelic aspect of the topic, Mudumalai is a reserve located in the Nilgiris in between the boundaries of Kerala and Karnataka. It is at an elevation of about 1000 m and extends over an area of 323 sq. kms. Mudumalai B.O. had introduced a permanent pictorial cancellation of the Indian bison or Gaur on 05.04.1975.  Gaurs, spotted deers, elephants are few among the most common species found here.

Few other Permanent pictorial cancellations of  Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh postal circle can be viewed through:

Monday, 30 May 2016

Udagamandalam : Permanent Pictorial Cancellation

Pictorial cancellations are produced specially for a particular place for specific reasons. Tamil Nadu has about 34 permanent pictorial cancellations. Udagamandalam or Ooty is one such place where a Permanent pictorial cancellation is available.  It is a hill station in the Nilgiris. The Queen of hills, Ooty was the summer capital of Madras Presidency during British period. Dottabetta highest peak in southern India is located here.

The cancellation shows a Toda hut of the native Toda tribes. Cancellation was introduced on 15.07.1994.

The Todas are the ancient inhabitants of the upper Nilgiris plateau. It is believed by the Toda tribes that they were created by Lordess Teikirshy from the earth of Nilgiris. Now barely a 500 todas  are left. The outsiders acquisition of their land for agriculture and the afforestation for the road laying works by the Government threatened their habitat and narrowed down their pastoral activities.  

Below is the Picture post card of Toda hut issued by the India Post Tamil Nadu Circle.

The below are the few mails with Toda Hut pictorial cancellation available at Ooty main Post Office.  Thanks to Mr. Ravichandran and Mr. Sivaraj and the Philatelic Bureau incharge Mr. Narayanan,  Ooty Post Office.

Few other Permanent pictorial cancellations of  Tamil Nadu and Andra Pradesh postal circle can be viewed through:




Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Charming Villages - Spain 2016 stamps

This year 2016, Correos Post issued a set of 4 stamps under the theme "Charming Villages".
The stamps are self- adhesive, but the mind-blowing feature of these stamps are that the reverse side of the stamps pretend to look like a mini-postcard :) .

The 4 stamps depict Albarracin, La Alberca, Alcala del Jucar, Santillana del Mar respectively. 

Thanks Yolanda for the wonderful stamps. In addition to that, it is so nice of you for using a scented stamp and an elongated stamp on cover. The stamps have found their place near the other "gift" you sent earlier. You can view it at:


Reverse side of the stamp:

Front view of the stamp:

Monday, 9 May 2016

Pandas from Mali

I got the 2015 issue of Panda Miniature sheets from Danny Meng of USA through a swap.  But unfortunately I couldn't get any information about these cute little Panda issues.  If anyone come across any information please share with me.  Anyways they are nice addition to my Odd and Unusual stamps collection, Thanks a lot Danny Meng.

I just want to share one amazing thing about Pandas. Like our fingerprints, Panda's bite-prints are unique.  Even though the number of Giant Pandas are increasing 17% per year it is still an endangered species.  China is home to most of the Pandas.  Right from Tang Dynasty, China is gifting Pandas to other countries to increase awareness and save the unique ancient bears.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Foil stamp issued by Finland in 2015 !!

Finland has a lot of skaters and skating teams, hundreds and hundreds of them. One amongst them is the "Marigold Ice Unity". It is one of the most successful teams. The team won it's 4th world championships with ease in April 2014.

Jane Erkko, a Finnish synchronized skater who established the Helsinki Figure skating club in the year 1972 introduced synchronized skating in Finland in 1985. Finnish Post issued a foil stamp in the year 2015 to mark the 30th anniversary of the laying the foundation of synchronized skating groups in Finland.  The stamp is printed on a glossy foil with glowing Silver Varnish coat.

Many thanks to Susanna Mylly from Finland. She used this beautiful stamp on a cover to help enrich my collection. Along with the 2015 stamp she used one of the Water and Archipelago cross shaped stamp. Thanks once again Susanna.  

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Ahobila Mutt - Special Cover

On 22nd June, 2015 on the Occasion of 60th Birth Anniversary (Shastiapdhapoorthi) of the current Pontiff HH Sri Ranganatha Yatheendra Mhadesikan, India Post has issued a special cover.  You can see the Pontiff on the MY STAMP.   He took charge as the 46th "Azhagiyasingar of Ahobila Mutt" on 23rd May 2013 at Sri Rangam.

Below information is printed on the backside of the cover.

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