Monday, 23 November 2015

Canada in Space, Star Wars, Safety in the Air

Today is the lucky day, I got another surprise from my friend Naomi, Canada. She has sent me a cover full of surprises to enhance my exhibit, "Flights of Fancy".   Thanks a lot Naomi.

Semi postal airplane stamps from Germany...

As I am participating in the upcoming stamp exhibition on the theme " Flights of Fancy", I am on the look for some airplane and space related stamps.

Today I  received a cover from Lily along with some nice semi postal stamps and a card depicting the Hamburg Airport

Thanks a ton, Lily these will enhance my exhibit.

Below is the beautiful stamps and the card I received.

The first 2 stamps in the first column and the last 2 stamps in the second column were issued by Deutsche Post  in the year 1979 and the rest were issued in the year 1978.

Once again thanks Lily for the beautiful card and stamps.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


Gabon is the central African country with 1.5 million people.  It got its independence from France in 1960 and French is the Official language of Gabon. LA POSTE issues very limited number of stamps.  The one used in the cover was issued in 2013 for the 100th Anniversary of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. Mr.James sent this cover from the Lambarene, the capital city of the Moyen-Ogooue province.  Incidentally Albert Schweitzer established his hospital in 1913 at Lambarene.  Thanks a lot Mr. James.

India's First Hot foil and Embossed Miniature Sheet.

The 3rd "India Africa Forum summit" was held in New Delhi on 27th, 28th and 29th of October.  On the closing day of the summit, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has released set of 7 stamps, a miniature sheet and India's first Hot foiled  "Innovative Miniature sheet".  All stamps in this Innovative Miniature sheet are embossed. 

The two Rhinos and Black Buck are made of Gun metal foil and the two Lions are Gold foiled and the Thomson Gazelle is a copper foiled one.

Earlier in January 2015, India Post has brought out India's First Miniature sheet with QR code. 

Sunday, 8 November 2015

SIPA Monthly Meeting Update: Nov-8th 2015

Today being the second Sunday we had our SIPA Monthly Meeting. Since it is raining cats and dogs in Chennai there were only few people present at the meeting. The information discussed in the meeting are as follows:

Mr.Bhaskar & Mr. Das started the session by referring to the unavailability of new issues on the first-day. This has been a perennial issue. He also covered some points about the upcoming TANAPEX exhibition. It seems the number of requests for frames is almost 50% higher than available frames. So, discussions are on to limit the number allotted to participants. To encourage and increase visibility of Philately as a hobby and SIPA as an organization, we are planning to setup a stall during the book fair preceding TANAPEX. He is also solicited ideas for TANAPEX special covers, and also requested for volunteers to man the booth and explain exhibits.

Up next was one of our SIPA member (whose family are into philately for 3 generations!) shared his interests and also enlightened us with efforts at the archaeological department in Chennai  to preserve old documents. There was widespread interest in using similar techniques to preserve philatelic material.

Then it was my turn to speak. I spoke to them about my plan for the Exhibition on the topic Flights of  Fancy.  I am happy to say that they helped me gather more ideas for my exhibit.

That was all we had for today. I wish all my fellow Indians an advance HAPPY  DIWALI.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Mining and Metallurgical Company Norilsk Nickel - Embossed stamp, Russia

I have received a gorgeous card from Marina, Russia illustrating historical places of St.Petersburg.

The stamp she used is a 2015 issue of Mining and Metallurgical company, Norilsk Nickel.  It was issued in June this year to commemorate the 80th Anniversary of Norilsk Nickel, the largest producer of Nickel and Palladium.

They are supplying their products to more than 40 countries and India is the  one among them.  In the year 2014, Norilsk Nickel company has won a trophy in Mumbai at Indian Surface Finishing Exhition (ISF)

The Metallurgist, helicopter and the plant are embossed.  It will nicely fit into my theme "Unusual Stamps" collection.

Thanks Marina.

The card depicts the following historical places of St. Petersburg.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Golden Swan : Finland

I have received the below beautiful card with the "Golden Swan" stamp from Jules of Finland.  It was issued in 8th of May by Finland Post "Posti".  The design of the swan is done with Gold Foil. Nice addition to my Unusual stamp collection. Thanks Jules.

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