Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Odd World - Canada

My Canadian collection of Odd/Unique stamps
Fabric stamp - Mint
 On cover
Playing Card sized stamps

Odd shape


Lunar New Year Souvenir Sheets - Canada

Brenda VR of Canada has sent me a lovely cover with the Year of Dragon Souvenir sheet issued by Canada Post on 2012 and inside she has enclosed the Year of Rabbit Souvenir Sheet.

The dragon Souvenir sheet is embossed and has touches of Gold foil on head and scales. 

The year of Rabbit Souvenir sheet was issued in 2011, January.  The rabbits and the circle around them are embossed and it has a thin gold foil to make it look like a typical Chinese embroidery.

Thanks Brenda for the swap and helping me to enhance my "Unusual and Unique stamps" collection.

Silver Dart - Canada's first controlled powered flight

The First controlled powered flight in Canada took place on February 23,1909.
Graham Bell, the inventor of Telephones formed the Aerial Experiment Association including the below one.  The Aerial Experiment Association (AEA) named it as Silver Dart and John Alexander Douglas was the proud pilot of the aircraft.  To commemorate its centennial, Canada Post has issued a stamp of Silver Dart in February, 2009. The name of the flight has been printed with a metallic silver colour.

Thanks Brenda, Canada for using this stamp on the cover for our exchange. Nice addition to my Flights of Fancy theme.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Hentiesbaai (Henties Bay) Sand Dunes, Namibia - Maxim Card

Mr. Russell sent me Henties Bay, Namibia Sand dunes Maxim card from New Zealand.  It was issued on 14th August 1989 by nampost (Namibian Post). 

Since it bears the Namibian stamp and posted in NZ, the New Zealand post cancelled it with "Carried by New Zealand Post" mark.  

Thanks a lot Russell for the wonderful Sand Dune Maxim card and the ANZAC, New Zealand stamp.

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Pictorial cancellation: Christmas Island, Canada

I got a perfect gift this Christmas from  Mr. Erik Thureson of Canada. He has sent me a Canadian Christmas Island pictorial cancellation on a cover. 

 You can see more about the cancellation at

Merry Christmas to all

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Austria - Slovenia Joint issue - Postojna Cave

Thanks to Gudrun Lambert of Austria, who has sent me a Joint issue MS of Austria - Slovenia on cover. Another great addition to my joint issue collection and with your cover my Postojna cave joint issue is complete. 

Earlier in July, I got the Slovenia - Austria issue from Mateja, Slovenia.  You can see the brief write-up about the Postojna cave at:

Monday, 21 December 2015

Hans Grade : German Aviation Pioneer

Germany has issued many nice stamps on Aviation.  Today I have received one among them from my friend Miss. Malin, Germany.  The stamp she used was issued on October 9, 2008 for commemorating 100 years of Engine powered Flight.   It features German Aviation Pioneer Hans Grade in his self constructed Tri-plane.  It is interesting to know that Grade's monoplane carried Germany's first Air Mail.  Nice addition to my "Flights of Fancy" collection.  Looks like Malin's Dad is a stamp collector as well; Thanks to Malin and her Dad.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Friday, 18 December 2015

Odd World - Finland

 My Finland collection of Odd/Unique stamps

Card from Finland

I have received a card from Mrs. Outi, Finland.  She sent a beautiful black and white card depicting Pispala's wooden houses.  She has used a lightening stamp from the Signs of the sky series.  Nice addition to my Odd shape stamps collection.  Thank You Outi.

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Cambodia - Post Card

The Sri Rangam Sri Ranganathasamy Temple (Tamil Nadu, India) is the largest functioning temple in the world (It covers an area of 631,000 square meters)  whereas Angkor Wat, Cambodia is the largest  existing temple in  the world (Since Angkor Wat is not functioning - i.e. there are no daily rituals performed there). 

Recently Bian of China visited Combodia and she gladly agreed to send me a card from there.  I got the long view of the Angkor Wat card today.  Thanks Bian for the nice Card.

The scripts in the cambodian cancellation looks somewhat similar to our regional language Telugu and Kannada. This probably reflects some common history, since the temple was for the Hindu God Vishnu and the Khmer empire originated from King Jayavarman II (a intriguingly South Indian sounding name).

I have posted about Sri Rangam, Sri Ranganathasamy Temple at

Cover from Portugal

Maria Do Cew Martins of Portugal has sent me a nice cover from her country.  This is my first cover from Portugal.  Thanks Maria for the nice cover. This extra long rectangular stamp was issued this year (2015) to commemorate 500 years of Portugal History.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Odd World - Australia

 My Australian collection of Odd/Unique stamps
                                          Gold foil embossed stamp

Gold foil stamps

Embossed stamps

Diamond stamp Maxim card - Holographic print
Issued in 5th September 1996 

Pearl Stamp Maxim card - Pearlescent printing
Issued in 5th September 1996

Odd World - Alderney

  My Alderney collection of Odd/Unique stamps

                                          Europa's first cotton stamp

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