Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Asterix miniature sheet

Recently I got a surprise from Ane, Germany. She sent me a beautiful Asterix miniature sheet issued by Germany this year, 2015.

Children my age are fascinated by Asterix as well as the Tintin series.  Both the comics heroes are courageous and both own a white fluffy dog. Tintin's dog is Snowy  and Asterix's dog is  Dogmatix. The comic strips were published in more than 100 languages!!! I have the entire Tintin series and most of Asterix's.

In many ways I feel these books to be somewhat similar. For example, in Tintin you have Cuthbert calculus, a genius and in Asterix you have Getafix. Same way Snowy-Dogmatix, Haddock ( Tintin's best friend) and Obelix ( friend of Asterix).  And I think both of them are originally French.

I am happy that I received the German miniature sheet of Asterix, would love to add the Asterix Miniature sheet issued by France to my collection.

The stamps depicted in the miniature are those of Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix. Other main characters are also depicted in the miniature sheet.

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