Saturday, 20 June 2015

Permanent Pictorial Cancellation : Sri Rangam

Sri Rangam is located in between two rivers, Cauvery (Kaveri) and Kollidam (Coleroon) in Tiruchirapalli District (Trichy) in Southern India.  It is famous for Sri Ranganathasamy Temple, a religious place for the Hindus.  Sri Rangam is dedicated to Lord Vishnu (God of Creation).

This is the largest functioning temple in the world  (It covers the area of 631,000 square meters)  whereas Angkor Wat , Cambodia is the largest existing temple in the world (Since Angkor Wat is not functioning).  The Rajagopuram (the main tower) is 72 m tall and it is the tallest temple tower in Asia. 

Like all temples in India this temple also has numerous sculptors and art works and was built in the Dravidian Style of Architecture.

In Sri Rangam the main deity is in the sleeping posture on the snake. The below cover is with permanent pictorial cancellation. India Post has introduced this Srirangam permanent pictorial cancellation on 17/01/1981.

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