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Evolution of Flight

Evolution of Flight

My Evolution of Flight exhibit starts with Kites.  Then sky lanterns, Hot air balloons, dirigibles, Gliders, Powered flights, Military aviation, Helicopters, different varieties of carried covers and letters, First flight covers, Special aircraft like C17, AWACS, VTOL, Guppy, Shuttle carriers.

I am finding it hard to locate stamps/covers related to Guppy/Beluga type planes, large heavy lift aircraft, STS 8 flown in space covers, Night flight covers, Gliders and Lanterns.

I am sharing my "Flights of Fancy" collection here.  Any comments and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Chinese and Taiwan kites

Alderney - Flights - Aurigny

Alderney - Flights - Bailiwick

 Alderney - Flights - War


The below $11.75 stamp has the hidden inscriptions, 
$11.75 Definitive Express mail rate stamp features a space shuttle ridding piggy back on a modern Boeing 747 was issued on 19th November 1998. 

Commemorates the 100th anniversary of the first carriage of airmail in the United States on the hot-air balloon Jupiter. The balloon was flown by John Wise from Lafayette to Crawfordsville, Indiana, on August 17, 1859. There were 123 letters eventually mailed this way, and as of 1980, 23 are still known to exist.
Issue Date: August 17,1959

29th August 1994, Freda Thompson
First woman to fly solo from the UK to Australia

Kitty Hawk, 26th February 1996
WWII Flight 

100th Anniversary of the Powered Flight - Overprint London 2010 International stamp exhibition

First Trans-Pacific Flight - US mainland to Australia

The Southern Cross, a modified Fokker F.VIIb/3m tri motor monoplane made the 1st trans-pacific flight to Australia from Oakland, California,US in May 31,1928.  The plane was piloted by Australians Chales Kingsford Smith and Charle Ulm(both appeared in the stamps of below MS).  They landed in Brisbane, Australia on June 9th.  Rest stops, Refueling were made in Hawaii and Fiji.

The below MS was issued on April 9th, 1978 by Australian Post to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of that historic flight.  (Scott 675a)

2014 100th Anniversary of 1st Air Mail
50th Anniversary of Australian Army Parachute Rigger (Used FDC)
12th April 2016

Air Force Aviation, issued in 22nd February 2011
Top F111 and  F/A 18F
Bottom Wedgetail and  C-17

The F-111 was a multipurpose tactical fighter bomber capable of supersonic speeds.

F/A-18F capable of providing an upgraded air combat capability for both air-to-air and air-to-ground mission.

Wedgetail has  Multi-Role Electronically Scanned Array (MESA) radar technology and provides an airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) platform that can gather information from a wide variety of sources, analyse it and distribute it to other air and surface assets.  They can cover four million square kilometres during a single 10 hour mission.

The C-17 is a tactical and strategic airlifter, transporting troops and cargo.

Cocos(Keeling)Islands Aviation MS


4th September 2014, Aircrafts of Azores

Below Azores depicts Lockheed Constellation and Douglas c 47
Above Azore stamps depicts Boeing 314 Clipper, Hawker Siddeley HS 748 "AVRO"



Belgium - Hot air Ballooning
Issued :September, 5th, 2015
Old Aeroplanes
Issued 26th February, 1994 

Year 2000, Carnet 20 self adhesive stamps
2660A - 2660 K Yvert catalogue

British Indian Ocean Territory


Graham Bell, the inventor of Telephones formed the Aerial Experiment Association and developed several flying machines, including the Silver Dart.  Silver Dart was the first powered machine flown in Canada.


China - Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition
Comoro Island
In 1977 Comoro Island issued 6 stamps under
 History of communications - Airships and Railways.
  Giffard's dirigible is one among the 6 and is used on the below cover sent from Comoro to France.

Czech Republic

The second Airplane is Metodej Vlach, issued in 18th February 2015 under Historical Vehicles series

The second stamp shows a Supermarine Spitfire LF Mk IXE.  Issued on 20th January 2015 as part of 4 postage stamps under the theme "They Brought Freedom"

"History of Aviation in Dubai" issued on 7th December 2014.  The first stamp depicts short s.23 Empire flying-boat


The below Helice Eclair stamp depicts the Wooden Lightning Helix in the foreground and in color. The plane, a Spad VII, is evoked in black pencil to enhance the mythical propeller whose 100 years are celebrated. Dassault Aviation's centennial figures and Rafale, Falcon and nEUROn aircraft, symbolizing the company's present and future, leave their silhouettes and traces in metallic blue.

Above is a Souvenir-cover from "Grosstauschta"-Big stamp exchange event.  In 80's Zeppelin thematics are very popular. Hope they issued because of popularity at that time.  In India Souvenir covers are also called as Special covers. 

Hansa, the first international flight by a DELAG ship, traveling from Hamburg to Copenhagen and back on September 19, 1912.  Hansa’s first flight was on July 12, 1912, and it carried over 8,200 people on almost 400 flights, mostly from Hamburg and Postdam, but on occassion from other cities such as Leipzig, Gotha, and Berlin.  Hansa was last based in Dresden until the outbreak of World War I, when it too was transferred to the Army as a training ship.

During 2 years of commercial DELAG service it carried 6,217 passengers on 399 flights, covering 44,437 Kms.

1st Row:1978 Youth Hostel Aviation
2nd Row:1979 Youth Hostel Aviation
3rd Row:1980 Youth Hostel Aviation
4th Row:1990 Airmail exhibition 'Lilienthal 91'
 Historical Model planes (DDR)
5th Row(RHS 2 stamps):1972 Aviation 
 Airplanes and Helicopters(DDR)

1991 Historical Airmail 

        Germany (DDR) Airplanes and Helicopters
Issued in 2nd December 1969

The postmarks commemorates the 60th Gordon Bennett Cup, the object of the race is simply to fly the longest distance. The race started in Gladbeck, Germany in 2016.

First Day Card 1978

First Day Card 1979 

Private Souvenir card issued in 1984 to commemorate the Bi-Centenary of First Balloon flight (Mannhiem 12 February 1784).


Great Britain



Hong Kong



To commemorate the Centenary of Airmail, India Post has issued a 4 stamps and a Miniature sheet during Indipex 2011.  Air mail card, cover and cancellations are depicted in one stamp, Another stamp depicts the path of the first flight( Allahabad exhibition ground to Naini juction) which carried Air mails, the third stamp features Humber-Sommer plane over the yamuna river and the fourth stamp shows the portrait of Henri Piquet, Pilot with the front page of the New York Herald Tribune, (rival news paper of New York times at that time) announcing the commencement of first airmail in the world.
     Issue Date : 12th February 2011

India - Special Cover - Flight

India - Special Cover - Aero show

India - Air Plane - Airborne Warning and control system


Aviation in the Holy land
 Issued in 2nd April 1985 



Darius and Girenas were first Lithuanian Pilots who managed to cross Atlantic Ocean without landing.  Undortunately, they crashed in Poland when only 650Km were left from their destination.  This happened in 1933.  Lithuania Post issued stamps in memory of them in 1934.  More information can be learnt at

Leon International Balloon Festival, 2015
Issue Date:10th September 2015

SMURD emergency rescue team 347
issued on 4th June 2017

On 2 June 2016, a SMURD helicopter crashed near Haragîș in south-west Moldova, near the Romanian border, killing all four crew members on board.  In memory of the SMURD emergency rescue team killed in Moldova, Moldova post issued a stamp depicting 4 crew members and the helicopter. 

15th Anniversary of Air Nauru
Issued in February 26th 1985


Kite-flying, one of Philippines favorite hobbies.  Popular “Saranggola” kites which are usually made of bamboo sticks and plastic bags.  This "Kites of Philippines "series has 10 stamps, with the kites "in upward position flying across white clouds and blue skies with the word 'Pilipinas' in the background".  Only 120,000 copies printed in 23rd June, 2015.


Development of Air Traffic in Poland
15th April 1978              
 The Gordon Bennett sport ballooning championship 
25th March 1981
Jean Pierre Blanchard and John Jeffries ( 3rd stamp )made the first crossing of the English Channel in a hydrogen balloon, taking about two and hald hours from England to France, flying from Dover Castle to Guines, on 7th January 1785.

1984 Polish Air Flight History

Republic of Congo
100th Anniversary of M L Mil

100th Anniversary of O K Antonov

Russian Federation issued a set of four postage stamps on 10 September 2015 showing "History of the First World War -National Military Equipment". One among them is the below, Sikorsky Ilya Muromets flight.

Russia - Flights - Tupolev


Sierra Leone

South Africa
Sri Lanka
Aviation Centenary
Swiss Air Force Centenary 2014

Issued in October 9th, 2004 for International Letter writing week.  Hope I will get the remaining 1 to complete this series.

Thailand post issued 4 set of stamps on 2010, May 1st to commemorate 50th Anniversary of Thai airways. Embossed and UV coating on Airplanes.
DC 6, DC 10, Boeing 747-400 and Airbus A340-600

Issued in 2012 to commemorate 100th Anniversary of RTAF




The first World War plane Sikorsky Ilya Muromets was commemorated by Ukraine post on 17th June 2014.


Meter Cancellations related to Evolution of Flight

Special/Carried/ FFC

First flight cover from Johannesburg to London

25th Anniversary cover (Johannesburg - Zurich)

Yet to organize

Poland - Space - Cosmic history of Earth includes Sky lab


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