Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Kalamkari Stamp

Kalamkari is a traditional textile art made in cotton cloth using bamboo pen and  natural colors.  It is derived from Persian language, in which Kalam means Pen and Kari means Craftmanship.  It is famous in India as well as Iran.

In India Andhra Pradesh, especially Masulipatnam and Kalahasthi are famous for this art.  This rural art flourished throughout India from the 14th century but gained popularity and acquired its name during Muslim rule.

Below is the card with original Kalamkari painting made on cotton cloth affixed.  And a Kalamkari stamp is stuck  it and this stamp was cancelled at Kalahasthi.  This stamp was issued by India Post as part of Traditional textiles and issued in the year 2009. Thanks to Mr. Hemachandra Rao - Chennai for the concept.


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