Thursday, 5 June 2014

3D Stamp : Hong Kong

In 2013, Hong Kong issued a lenticular 3D stamp featuring the different types of buses. 

Euro buses are eco friendly buses that do not cause pollution conforming to European emission standards. The fifth edition of this bus that is Euro-V was released in 2013 December and a stamp was also issued on the occasion. The stamp shows the image of three Euro-V buses against the backdrop of  Victoria Harbour at daytime, noon and night.

Lenticular 3D is a kind of picture that if you tilt it two different pictures are shown. A composite picture is printed on paper and then a plastic sheet with angled grooves is stuck on top of it. These grooves act as lenses and show only a part of the printed picture.

In the above scanned image, we can see the grooves on the stamp resulting in alternate bands.

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