Monday, 30 June 2014

Crystal Clad Stamp: Austria, HongKong, China

Hong Kong, China and Austria has jointly issued a World’s first Crystal-Clad stamp in August 2006
Both Austria and Hong Kong are famous for their panoramic views.  Any festivities or celebrations cannot be complete without fireworks.  And fireworks on the backdrop of beautiful panoramas are a feast for our eyes.  So they selected the fireworks on the backdrop of two important panoramic landmarks of the two countries.
Swarovski is a famous crystal making company in Austria.  This stamp has a fabric covered with many tiny Swarovski Crystals to produce a glittering effect for the fireworks.
The first stamp shows a panoramic night sky view of Victoria Harbour of Hong Kong city.  It is indeed a world famous natural harbour.

The second stamp features Giant Ferris Wheel, Vienna Prater Park, Austria. It is a hunting preserve for the aristocracy opened to the public in 1766.

You can clearly see the crystals in this close-up view. Each stamp set comes with it's own certificate of authenticity.

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