Thursday, 15 January 2015

15th January : Pongal, Harvest Festival

Indian Economy is heavily dependent on Agriculture.  To thank the Gods and our farmers who have helped us, we celebrate harvest festivals all over India in various names.

Pongal is the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu.  It usually occur mid-January.  It is a four day festival. First day is called "Bhogi".  On this day people use to clean their houses, burn the old unwanted things and buy new things to mark the beginning of a new life. Second day is the real "Pongal".  On this day people say thanks to the Sun God and prepare a dish called "Sweet Pongal" and "Salt Pongal".  Pongudhal (Pongal) is a Tamil Word meaning flourishing/boiling.  People boil fresh milk in a mud or Copper vessel. While it is boiling they chant "Happiness should overflow in our life like this overflowing boiling milk" and "Pongalo pongal, Pongalo Pongal" and with this milk only they prepare sweet pongal.  Third day is to say thanks to the animals which helped on the field and is called "Maattu Pongal".  Usually Cow and Buffalos are decorated well on this day and they worship those animals.  Fourth day is called "Kaanum pongal",  On this day relatives get to gather in some common place like beach, park and have their dinner together.  "Kaanum" means "Meeting".

Few other harvest festival of India are Sankaranti, Baisakhi, Bihu, Hareli, Nuakhai. 

The first stamp is issued by India Post in the year 2006 and the second one is issued by Singapore Post in the year 2008.

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  1. Beautiful stamps. India issues wonderful commemoratives


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