Sunday, 11 January 2015

4th January: World Braille Day

4th January, the birth day of Louis Braille is celebrated as a World Braille Day every year.  Louis Braille is the French man who invented the Braille Code for the blind people.  He lost his eyesight completely in an accident in his childhood.

Before the invention of Braille code, blind people used "Hauy System", which is an embossed Latin letters.  Since this system required lots of training, Louis tried to introduce an alternative system and he succeeded in his attempt. 

Braille Code is an embossed dots, uses a rectangular 3x2 cells and each cell represents one alphabet.  The simplicity of this code enabled the publishers to print Braille books in large numbers.

"The Anna Centenary Library" based in Chennai-India, is one of the largest libraries in South Asia. It has a separate section for the Braille books on the ground floor.

Below is the stamp issued by Luxembourg Post in 2009 for his birth Bicentenary. The cost of the stamp (0.90 Euro) is shown in Braille on top. The image itself is depicted overlaid on a fingerprint.

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  1. prof premraj pushpakaran writes-- let us celebrate World Braille Day!!!


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