Monday, 24 August 2015

Dinosaurs Series - Korea

Korea Post has issued a 3 series of Dinosaurs called "The Age of the Dinosaurs" starting from 2010 to 2012.  Each series has illustrated two herbivore and two carnivore of that era except the 3rd series which depicted one Omnivore, one Carnivore and two Herbivore.

The first of the 3 Mesozoic Era is called "Triassic Period", which is considered as the first dinosaur appearance period is depicted in the 2010 "The Age of the Dinosaurs" series.  The plant eating living things are called Herbivorous animals. 

The herbivorous Plateosaurus and Riojasaurus appeared in two stamps and Carnivorous (Feeding on other animals is called Carnivorous) Herrerasaurus and Coelophysis appeared in other two stamps.  

The second series which is issued in 2011, illustrates Jurassic Period dinosaurs.
They are herbivorous Scelidosaurus and Stegosaurus and Carnivorous Allosaurus and Dilophosaurus

The third and final of this series is Cretaceous Period is the theme for 2012 "The age of the Dinosaurs".  It has the image of the Ominivorous (Feeding on both plant and other animals is called Omnivorous) Oviraptor  and Carnivorous Tyrannosaurus and Herbivorous Pachycephalosaurus and Protoceratops.

The beauty of the "The Age of the Dinosaurs" series lie on its Dinosaur shaped perforation.  It is the first country and as far as I heard it is the one and only Se-tenant stamp with animal shaped perforation.

The rose colour Dinosaur at the center is the Perforation.  You can see that clearly in the below picture.

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