Sunday, 2 August 2015

Giant Panda - Malaysia MS

Giant Pandas are native to China. Pandas at birth are white in colour and when they grow up they develop the much adorning black and white colour.Bamboos are their favourite and the adult one eats nearly 12Kg of Bamboo in a day.  This doesn't mean that they are vegetarians they sometimes eat birds and rottens. They are skilled tree climbers and efficient swimmers. It adorns WWF (World Wide Fund for nature) Logo since 1961.

There are only 1000 Pandas found in the world and mostly in China and only few pandas outside China mostly in captives or in the zoo.  They are facing the danger of extinction.

Malaysia and China diplomatic relationship started during 1974.   To strengthen their bilateral relationship further, from 1991 the two countries started regular meetings called Bilateral consultation.  Later in 2010 they changed the name as Strategic consultation.  First meeting was held in Putrajaya, Malaysia in 2011 and the second one was held in Beijing, China in 2012.  In the 2012 meeting both the countries agreed to make 2014 as Malaysia China frienship year. To celebrate this 40 years of friendship China loaned two Pandas to Malaysia for 10 years and the Pandas reached Malaysian National Zoo, Nigara on May 21st 2014.  They named the Project as "International Cooperative Project on Giant Panda conservation". Through this, Malaysia showed its support to China towards the conservation of Pandas.  And China gave Malaysia the opportunity to conduct research on the Giant Panda, technology transfer in artificial insemination techniques, genetic and habitat studies.  Not only that, the Pandas boost eco-tourism in Malaysia and raise awareness to protect them from extinction.

To commemorate the arrival of two Pandas Malaysian Post, POS Malaysia issued a unique miniature sheet with flocked paper and security fibres on 25th February 2015. The Miniature consists of two stamps, one depicting the picture of Lian Lian and the other one depicts the picture of  Xing Xing. Xing Xing means prosperity and Lian Lian means Pretty in Chinese Language. Earlier when they were in China the Lian Lian was called Feng Yi (Female) and Xing Xing was called Fu Wa (Male).

Another addition from my want list all thanks to Mr. Joel.

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