Friday, 15 January 2016

EuroVision stamp: Austria

In the recent 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, the Austrian band Makemakes took part with the song" I am Yours". "I am Yours" by The Makemakes won the contest after gaining majority from the audience. This was Austria's 48th appearance in the Eurovision contest.

The Eurovision contest was held for the 60th time in 2015.
Following it's victory in 2014, Austria was the venue for the 2015 contest and so issued a stamp on 24th April 2015 showing the logo of 2015's Euro Vision Song Contest. The stamp shows the logo for the 2015 contest entitled "The Sphere". The speciality is the type of printing- offset printing on silver foil.
This beautiful cover with the Eurovision stamp came all the way from Austria into my letter box. Thanks  Danubia for the fabulous cover.

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