Tuesday, 19 April 2016

1000th death Anniversary of Prince Vladimir the Great : Ukraine

Update as on 19/4/2016 :  Mrs. Galina informs me that the Prince Vladimir stamp has been chosen as the Best stamp of Ukraine. Nice!

I am very grateful to MrsGalina for the great cover and a beautiful Maxim card.  She was kind enough to look into my want list of Ukraine stamps and used some of them on the envelope for our swap.

The stamps she kindly used are,

The Miniature sheet issued for the 1000th death Anniversary of Prince Vladimir the Great in the year 2015 is really nice addition to my Odd and Unusual stamp collection.  Prince Vladimir the Great who was the prince of Novgorod is believed to have established Christianity in olden day Ukraine. 

Pavlo Popovich 4th Cosmonaut in the space, 6th person in the orbit and the 8th person in the space,
AN-158 Flight and Christmas gold foil stamp.  And that is not all, she even included the Maxim card issued recently on "Beauty of Ukraine".  Thanks a lot Galina for your generosity.

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