Friday, 15 April 2016

Vatican City : Card and Cover

I got a few surprise mails from Vatican City.  Thanks to Woomik of Britain for sending me these nice mails for my "Around the World Cards and Covers" collection.  He thoughtfully used Pope Francis stamps on both card and envelope which was issued in 19th February 2015 by Poste Vaticane under the series "Pontification of Pope Francis".

On both the envelope and the card, there is an imprint mentioning "Misericordes Sicut Pater" - meaning 'Be Merciful, As Your Father Is". This is the official hymn for the "Holy Year of Mercy" that runs from Dec 8, 2015 - Nov 20, 2016.  The postcard itself features various Vatican landmarks like San Angelo bridge, a silhouette of the Dome of St. Peter's Church etc.


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