Monday, 25 May 2015

1980 12th Summer Olympic games

Today I got a wonderful First Day Cover from Beate Tauscn who is in Germany. 

Actually The FDC was issued by Russia (CCCP) in 1978 to commemorate the 1980 12th Summer Olympic games held in Moscow, Soviet Union, the present day Russia.  As far as I know Russia has issued Five FDC's on Sailing Olympic games and this is one among them.  He used Germany's Ludwigslust Castle stamp and sent it to me. 

As I am the fan of World Travelling covers, I like this one a lot.

I was surprised to see not one but two "People At Work" themed Cards and whole lot of stamps in the above cover!

First one is  issued under Building Trade - Carpentry.  This one bears 60 Rappen definitive stamp issued in 10th September 1984.

Second one  is Issued in 10th April 1986 under "Youth Hostel" commemorative stamp series.

Thanks a lot, Beate.

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