Thursday, 28 May 2015

Year of Ram Transition sheet

Canada Post issued a transition sheet this year (8th January, 2015) to commemorate the Year of Ram, Lunar year.

In the Lunar cycle, the Horse is the 7th creature and the Ram is the 8th creature.  The year 2015 is Lunar year of Ram.  Canada Post has issued a miniature sheet on 8th January, 2015 showing the transition of Horse year to Ram year.   The transition sheet  has a hot foil stamp of emerald Green Ram with gold embosing on the ram's horns of value 2.50 Canadian dollar and the Golden coloured embossed stamp of galloping Horse of value 1.85 Canadian dollars.  Left of the souvenir sheet has the picture of horse facing backwards looks like it is welcoming the Ram and at the same time it is passing out of the sheet to indicate symbolically that Year of Horse is ending. 

Below is the scan of souvenir sheet of Year of Ram - Transition :

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