Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Odd Shaped Air Plane MS

South African Post issued an Odd shaped miniature sheet, shaped like an air craft for the World Post Day. The stamp depicts the first South African airmail flight - Belriot monoplane. An apt way to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the First Air Mail Flight of Africa (1911 - 2011).

Evelyn Frederick, on 27th December 1911 carried first airmail in his monoplane, Bleriot (named after the French Aviator, Louis Bleriot) from Kenilworth Race Cource to Oldham's field near Muizenberg.  It took seven and a half minutes for him to cover the 13Km distance and Muizenburg Post Office became  the first Post Office to receive the Air Mail in Africa.  Postmaster P J Hutchings received the first Airmail bag with 729 Post Cards.

You can see the picture of the monoplane down below.  


The stamp is shown below:


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